IFAC Workshop on Automation in the Mining, Mineral and Metal Industries

When & Where IFAC MMM 2012?

Time: September 10-12, 2012
Place: Nagaragawa Convention Center, Gifu, Japan
Submission Deadline: February 29, 2012

Meeting Scope

The IFAC Workshop on Automation in Mining, Mineral and Metal Industries provides a forum where control, mining, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, smelter, refinery and metal processing professionals and researchers may meet to review state-of-the-art automation technologies in the field. The objectives of the Workshop are:

  • To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among practitioners and researchers related to automation in the mining, mineral and metal industries.
  • To identify the best practices, methodologies and technologies used in automation of the mining, metallurgy and metal processes.
  • To promote development of an international interdisciplinary network among professionals interested in automation in mining, mineral and metal processing.

Meeting Topics

The workshop will address developments and innovations of automation related to the mining, mineral and metal industries. This will include among other:

  • Measurement and instrumentation
  • Data mining and multivariate statistical analysis
  • Fault diagnosis and process monitoring
  • Process modelling, control and optimisation
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems
  • Advanced process control
  • Robotics, mechatronics and teleoperation
  • Data reconciliation and metallurgical accounting
  • Maintenance scheduling and product planning


  • Mine unit operations
  • Mineral processing
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Blast furnaces and smelters
  • Electrorefining
  • Steel making and continuous casting
  • Hot/cold rolling
  • Environmental recycling
  • Liquid and solid waste treatment
  • Forming of metal and metallic materials
  • Hydrometallurgy

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