IFPAC/PAT/QbD Summit 2011

Eighth Annual IFPAC/PAT/QbD Summit with INDUNIV

When & Where IFPAC/PAT/QbD Summit 2011?

Time: June 21-22, 2011
Place: Isla Verde Beach Resort, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Submission Deadline:

Meeting Scope

The meeting will serve not only those that are starting to work in this area, but also to those already seasoned and familiar to these important FDA and industry initiatives. We will have plenty of new information for companies that are already involved in PAT and QbD.

Puerto Rico has a number of the leading PAT/QbD applications in the pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Several representatives will be among the exceptional representatives discussing several of these applications.

We have also organized the conference to deliver much more than PAT and Quality by Design. We want this conference to be a showcase of new developments and trends in pharmaceutical science. Our conference program will be based on a quadrant approach, where each quadrant of the IFPAC summer summit conference will have a specific topic and set of deliverables.

  • Quadrant I: Regulatory Challenges: The Development of QbD/PAT for QA/QC
  • Quadrant II: Process Knowledge and Process Monitoring Methods
  • Quadrant III: PAT & QbD Implementation
  • Quadrant IV: Pharmaceutical Engineering and Control for PAT & QbD

We believe that we have organized a unique conference with a holistic approach to Process Analytical Technology, Quality by Design and overall Process Understanding.

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